Saturday, January 29, 2011

Vandita's Cochlear Implant Surgery


Vandita was wearing hearing aids in both the ears from the age of one. she has developed some speech and language but because of her nature of hearing loss, she found it difficult to do things with hearing aids. We have decided for a cochlear implant surgery of her in march 2010 after meeting famous ENT surgeon Dr. Milind Kirtane, who was in Bhavnagar for a C.I. surgery.

We were advised to have audiological (Bera and sound field aided and unaided audiogram) and medical (CT Scan and MRI) evaluation of Vandita .

MRI and CT scan of temporal bone and cochlea found OK , no structural abnormality observed(thank God). Prescribed vaccination for meningitis etc. were also done before one month of the surgery.

And the CI surgery of Vandita's left ear was done on 12.08.10.

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