Saturday, March 26, 2011

Vandita sings Johny! Johny!


Vandita sings English rhyme Johny! Johny! yes, papa. Vandita loves to sing rhymes in Gujarati or English. However, her mother tongue and first language is Gujarati, she is very hard working girl and learn quickly after some attempts to sing in English also. And for a deaf child it is very hard to be bilingual at early stage of learning speech and language.

Now it is more than six months of switching on of her CI. She is doing very well, now she can listen sounds, which she could not be able to listen with her hearing aids like water flowing from the tap, noise of fan, tick-tick of wall clock, vacuum cleaner, washing m/c etc. Now she gives response if she is called from another room or from downstairs. Now, she can listen to the sounds without drawing her attention to them.

She loves singing rhymes and songs but it is very hard for her to get the rhythm of the song, but we believe that she will catch it after few months of listening practice.

She gives very good response by listening only although she does some speech reading because she used to do this with hearing aids. But we try to give her auditory only input. This is like to feed information as input in a computer to get the output after processing that. We have to give her each word or phrase by listening only. We have to repeat what we have done when she first received her hearing aids. She is experienced of listening with HA and there was an auditory connection to sounds so it is easier for her to connect to those sounds she hears with her CI now.

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