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Sound and Fury: An Oscar nominated documentary


Sound and Fury

Few days back I got a chance to watch a documentary film about two brothers Peter and Chris, sons of hearing parents. Peter and his wife, Nita, are both deaf and they have three deaf children. Heather is the eldest and a very sharp and intelligent child of the couple. Chris and his wife are hearing parents of a newborn deaf child. Chris's wife has deaf parents. Chris and his wife have already decided for CI surgery of their child.

The documentary is about choosing an option of language and communication for the young deaf children of the family. Peter, his wife Nita and deaf parents of Chris's wife advocate deaf culture with ASL for the young children and strongly opposed cochlear implant surgery as an option for them. They have a fear that their children will not communicate with them if CI is successful and will lose their identity as a deaf.

On the other hand hearing parents of the brothers strongly encouraged Peter and his wife to give CI to their deaf children especially heather because she has a very strong desire to hear sounds. But they opt for a deaf culture and enroll all three children in a school for deaf.

The film has a very good, healthy and sometimes very intense discussions between family members on choosing between CI and deaf culture. The documentary was nominated for Oscar award and has been shown in many film festivals.

Sound and Fury Six Years Later

After watching sound and fury, which was released in the year 2000, I was very curious to know about the progress of Peter Jr. ( son of Chris), who underwent CI surgery and about Heather, daughter of Peter, who opted for ASL. I searched on internet and surprisingly found that not only Heather but also her two deaf siblings, mother and members of her extended family had CI surgery in the year 2002 or later. And producer of the sound and Fury made the second part of the documentary as Sound and Fury: Six Years Later, released in 2006.

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